Providing the Nourish movement with a platform for student discussion and student voice.

The goals of the SAB include:

• To better align Nourish’s mission, vision, and values with the student experience
• To facilitate honest representation of the interests of each chapter in the network
• To promote productive conversations between chapters on issues related to the National Network
• To support individual chapters’ appeals to the Board of Directors for policy and/or organizational change
• To facilitate a prompt and transparent flow of information between chapters and the Board of Directors

Collaboration is encouraged! If you are a current member of a chapter, a Nourish alumnus, or a friend of the organization interested in getting involved in the SAB’s work, please contact the current co-chairs at There are always exciting new projects taking place and the SAB would be delighted to find a role for any volunteer. To see important SAB meeting dates, check out their calendar.

Student Board Members


Co-Chairs and Board Members: Joyce Lalonde, Syracuse University

Click here to see a list of our previous Student Board Members.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student Advisory Board (SAB)?

The Student Advisory Board is a representative branch of the Nourish Chapter Network. It’s a forum for student discussion, a collaborative space for launching new student-inspired initiatives, and a source of student voice that is represented on the Board of Directors by its two co-chairs. It was founded in 2011 to streamline the student experience and empower students to take a greater role in defining Nourish’s work.

How does the Student Advisory Board (SAB) work?

We recommend this short youtube video that explains the SAB structure: [/nimbus_show_more]

What does the Student Advisory Board (SAB) do?

Chapter representatives connect with one another by email correspondence, on Facebook and social media sites and through conference calls.  The annual agenda and activities generally follow the calendar of the Board of Directors so that the co-chairs can present material at quarterly meetings.

What do the Chapter Representatives do?

Chapter representatives are responsible for connecting with their chapter and representing their chapter’s opinions and views on a national level. This might entail facilitating discussions during general body meetings, conducting surveys, or even individual interviews, so that opinions and ideas can flow through them and take form at other chapters across the country. Think of your chapter representative as your local politician – he or she always makes themselves available and fully embodies the values and opinions of your community.

What is a Student Board Member (SBM)?

The Student Board Member position was created to give students a voice at the highest level of influence and decision making in the organization, the Board of Directors. Students from across the network apply in the spring for a year-long term, and after interviews, two are selected to begin work in June. They are full voting members on the Board of Directors and co-chairs of the Student Advisory Board.

What do Student Board Members do?

The responsibilities of the Student Board Members fall into two main areas. First, Student Board Members sit in on Board of Directors meetings to represent and advocate for students across the Nourish Network. They have full voting power, lead and participate in discussions, and make proposals on behalf of the chapters. Secondly, they act as co-chairs for the Student Advisory Board, and spend most of the year coordinating representatives from each chapter and collaborating on annual projects and initiatives to enhance the student experience.