The Summer Institute is a leadership development conference that unites, trains, and connects Nourish chapter leaders with the community and skills they need to be successful change agents.

Thursday July 28 – Monday August 1, 2016
NC State University
Raleigh, NC

The Nourish International Summer Institute is a rigorous and rewarding five-day conference that prepares our students for the challenges they’ll face as Chapter members. Through workshops, mentoring, and hands-on training, they’ll learn how to earn money, partner with international communities, and run a successful Nourish Chapter on their campuses in the upcoming year.

“I have become a part of a great movement, a wonderful community, and have had the opportunity to do awesome things for the world. I am forever grateful for the skills I have gained and the friends I have made. I left the institute feeling excited and proud to be bringing Nourish to my campus.”

– Jason Allenstein, UC Berkeley Chapter Founder

Participation in the Institute fully enables Nourish students to hit the ground running as they begin new and exciting adventures in the following year. Training at past Institutes has focused on how to increase the profitability of ventures, maximize your project impact, lead a team, build membership, and more.

We feature speakers and are in need of alumni mentors throughout the Institute. For information on speaking, please email 

“The Institute really helped me get into gear of thinking about Nourish and getting in touch with myself about how to go about getting things moving for this year. It also gave me a great outlook for my personal life and even changed the way I think about where I see myself and how I will get there.”

–Jared Staley, Ohio State University Chapter Member and Student Board Member  

If you are interested in participating in the Institute as a student or alumni, please click here.

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