Student Stories Series – Steven Haderer

Nourish is nothing without its students! There are so many students who live and breathe the Nourish movement. These individuals devote themselves to not only their chapters and Nourish experience, but also to living a life helping others and changing our world. Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be highlighting some of our incredible students!

First up is Steven Haderer!

When Haderer finished his junior year at American University he felt “more lost than ever.” His time spent working on political campaigns and interning on Capitol Hill were great for his career development, but he felt disconnected and trapped in a “career fueled funnel.” That’s when a family friend reached out to him about starting a Nourish chapter at American. He immediately said yes, hoping it would give him more fulfillment and direction in his life.


Before attending Summer Institute, a five-day conference that prepares students to be Nourish chapter members, Steven was terrified. As a communications major he doubted that he would be prepared for work in international development, business and philanthropy. However, he soon found that to be successful at Nourish, all he needed was to be passionate about making a difference in the lives of those facing extreme poverty.

Since starting a Nourish chapter at his school, Steven has regained confidence in his leadership abilities, met several new friends and reconnected with people from his past. Every week he engages with 25 fellow students who are all committed to making a lasting impact on poverty. His feelings of being lost and directionless have since been replaced by feelings of creative freedom that he attributes to the network of other Nourish chapters around the country. Steven says he continues to be inspired by the ingenuity shown by Nourish participants and believes that any student passionate about making a difference can thrive at Nourish.

Keep it up, Steven! We can’t wait to see where you end up!


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