JD graduated from the University of Oregon in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship-Focus) and Minors in Economics and Writing/Public Speaking/Critical Reasoning. He founded and led the UO chapter of Nourish and joined the Nourish staff, as a Program Associate, right after graduating. He earned the role of Ventures Coordinator in 2016 and supported the network of Nourish chapters as they earned more than they ever have before (more than $200,000). Now, as ED, he is excited to play an important role in delivering the transformational experiences that Nourish provided him. He firmly believes in the power of self-transformation as a means to transforming the world and knows that Nourish can play a pivotal role in the lives of the next generation of local, national, and global leaders.

JD enjoys writing songs and poetry, playing soccer, fishing, meditating, singing and playing guitar, and discussing how to shift our global systems from exploitative and degenerative to empowering and regenerative.


He wrote the following poem after his Nourish-facilitated awakening:

“I am not another college dude
trained as a cockatoo,
regurgitating information
searching for approval;
used as fuel,
for expansive resource removal
and the brutal treatment
of truthful people
living in fruitful regions
of Earth,
that makes him hurt.”
– JD