Partnerships Digest #3

Summer is well under way here at Nourish, and so are our students’ projects abroad! Check out just a few of our on-going projects below:


Our last few Columbia University interns who were working with Community Concerns Uganda are now back in the United States. They spent their last days giving a health education presentation at Wabulungu Primary School and preparing more educational materials for the students so they won’t forget what they’ve learned when the interns are gone.


Meanwhile, Syracuse’s students have finished their home stays in Uganda, but they’re still hard at work with Global Health Network Uganda. They’ve been making hygiene and sanitary visits to homes as well as visiting schools and conducting health programs, teaching students about basic hygiene techniques and HIV.


In Nicaragua, Nourish’s chapter from the College of Charleston continues working with AVODEC to build a chicken coop. They’re concentrating on building a fence, carrying 15-foot fence posts weighing 40-50 pounds each through the woods for about half a mile, and then setting up the posts in the ground to install the chain links. They’re looking forward to having an enclosed area for the chickens to lay their eggs in instead of conducting an Easter egg hunt each day!


Finally, our NC State students have settled in to life in India. They’ve had to work around unexpected illnesses, visa snafus, and religious holidays, but they’re getting things done regardless. They’ve finished analyzing their data and research on government schemes, have prepared information for creating IEC (Information, Education, and Communication) materials, and are compiling curricula on governance and entitlements for the girls. Not to mention a trip to the Taj Mahal!

The NCSU team at the Taj Mahal
The NCSU team at the Taj Mahal


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