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Nourish International has partnered with dozens of community organizations around the globe over the past decade. Each year, at the Summer Institute Banquet, we recognize one outstanding partner organization. This year, the Partnership Excellence Award was given to GHN(U).




Global Health Network Uganda [GHN(U)] is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that aims to improve the overall health and well being of Ugandans through nutrition support, immunization, malaria prevention and other health initiatives. GHN(U) encourages citizens to play an active role in developing, promoting and sustaining these initiatives. The organization operates in five districts and has plans to expand to the rest of the country.




Syracuse University, one of GHN(U)’s partners, sent seven interns to Uganda this summer to build a facility for a group that manufactures sanitary pads for local girls. A report from SNV Netherlands Development Organization found that Ugandan girls miss an average of eight school days per term because they lack proper feminine hygiene products. During their stay in the Oyam district, the project interns helped physically construct the facility while also teaching health and wellness to local citizens.




During their six-week stay, the interns were able to build strong relationships with members of the local community. They attended cultural events, visited homes and schools to talk about sanitation and participated in homestays, allowing them to immerse themselves in Ugandan culture and daily life.


“We built these really strong relationships with them, working with them day after day for six weeks.”


– Sydni Brecher (Syracuse student)


“It was really nice to be able to work with the community members even when it was just simple stuff like moving bricks.”


– Jared Birchmore (Syracuse Student)




Bob Achura, GHN(U)’s founder and executive director, believes that the organization’s partnership with Syracuse is making a real difference. Unlike other organizations that partner with schools for one summer to work on a single project, the partnerships built through Nourish are designed to be long lasting. Achura says, “Long-term intervention requires partnerships that stretch beyond one or two years.” Syracuse has been working with GHN(U) for three years now, and Achura has seen the impact it has made in the community: “[The partnership has] been able to make a difference not only to the projects, but to the beneficiaries — more importantly — who now vividly see the impact of the intervention.”




“This partnership is an invaluable opportunity for the communities in Oyam and the partners, to contribute to sustainable initiatives that change the lives of our vulnerable women and children.”

– Dr. Bob Achura (Executive Director of GHNU)

To learn more about GHN(U), click here or here. To read blogs from students who interned with GHN(U) over the summer, click here.




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