Here you can find information about our past Student Board Members. Thank you to all of our student leaders who stepped up to represent their peers on our Board of Directors!


Alexis Tavarex, University of Florida, and Jared Staley, Ohio State University


Brandon Agranovich, Miami University and Jared Staley, Ohio State University


Nicole Devereux, University of New Mexico and John McCreary, UT-Austin.

SAB Reps: Finker Bekele (Claremont Colleges), Maria Smith (UC Davis), Tejas Patel (UC-SB), Michelle Arnold (ASU), Kristen Duffy (USF), Katie Faughnan (UF), *Crew Mayne (UGA), Hayden Hall (UT-K), Sophie Salcedo (UNM), *James Orcutt (KU), Emily Salada (UT Austin), Anubhav Nangia (Boston University), Christina Gutierrez (Cornell), Brooke Schooler (UMN), Megan Claysen (Indiana University), Joshua Orange (University of Pittsburgh), Stephanie Deuley (OSU), Brandon Agranovich (Miami), Shuyan Zhan (RMC). *Regional Reps


Claire Kane Boychuk (UNC) and Kyle Forrester (OSU)


Pallavi Garg (UT-Austin)