A Day in Chuya Yaku

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One of our projects, the planting of the garden, takes place in a school called Chuya Yaku.  This school is situated deeper into the jungle, 2 hours away from Puyo. We decide to spend the night in Cuya Yaku because … Continued

What An Amazing Experience

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It has been almost two weeks since we arrived to Puyo, Ecuador and started our wonderful experience. As many of you know, our mission is to support the children and families of the Ecuadorian Amazon by improving infrastructure and participating … Continued


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The second day after we arrived, my friends and I visited the Botanical Garden, Omaere. The name Omaere means “Nature of the Rainforest.” The park was founded in 1993 by two French women and a Shuar woman– Native Ecuadorian tribe. … Continued

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