Partnerships Digest #2

Our summer projects are moving full-speed ahead as our students partner with local community organizations to impact poverty across the globe. Take a look at a couple highlights from a few of their on-going projects! Our Boston College and Boston University students … Continued

The Final Stretch

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During our last weeks in Orissa, we were primarily focused on bringing our English classes to an end, coordinating the final workshops with the village women, and just enjoying the time we had left. Samuel, another intern, and I continued … Continued

A Week Left!

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Dear readers, With barely a week left, our humble group of four UT students are prepared to take on the coastal villages of Odisha. We have been prepping for this internship for the past five months. We learned bits of … Continued

Reanna's Final Post

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Our last couple days in India had so much impact. We worked hard throughout our 6-week project so I was ready to fly back to the comfort of the United States. However, our students realized the end of our project … Continued