Partnerships Digest #3

Summer is well under way here at Nourish, and so are our students’ projects abroad! Check out just a few of our on-going projects below:   Our last few Columbia University interns who were working with Community Concerns Uganda are … Continued

Partnerships Digest #2

Our summer projects are moving full-speed ahead as our students partner with local community organizations to impact poverty across the globe. Take a look at a couple highlights from a few of their on-going projects! Our Boston College and Boston University students … Continued

Seeing Results.

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Hello everyone! I haven’t been able to write on this blog because there have been so many other things to keep up with! Not only do I write on this blog, but I also have a personal blog in which … Continued

Some Thoughts

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Whether one wants to believe that it happened by chance or that some contributory hand of fate caused it, the influences in my life have specifically (and in my opinion purposefully) tailored me into the individual that I have gown … Continued

Remaining Relevant and Present

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I’m writing this post from the comfortable and occasionally lonely desk we’ve been given at Casa Del Alfarero. Events from the past few weeks have collectively changed my understanding and opinions of “development work”. Below gives a little explanation, and … Continued