Nourish International nurtures the skills, self-awareness, and confidence of students to become social impact leaders.

Nourish International accomplishes its mission by serving as a platform for students to make a global impact today. The Nourish International Chapter Model has three parts:

  1. Leadership Development – gain practical experience in business/social enterprise, marketing, nonprofit management, international development, emotionally intelligent leadership, and more, all while being involved in a supportive community of peers and professionals.
  2. Ventures – students run socially responsible businesses to address local problems and generate profits to be invest in community-based development initiatives.
  3. Partnerships– students and partners (community-led, grassroots NGOs) establish lasting relationships. Chapters invest the earnings from their ventures and sometimes also commit small intern teams to work on a long-term project alongside the partner organization.

Already differentiated by our unique venture and partnership model, Nourish offers students one of the most innovative and impactful student-led internship opportunities while focusing on student development and giving students autonomy in order to foster their growth as leaders.

Nourish students grow as leaders and responsible members of their communities and the future workforce. This means developing emotional intelligence, creativity, and healthy communication and leadership skills; it means hard skills like financial literacy and soft skills like the ability to lead teams and know oneself. The movement aims for students to understand themselves as people and feel empowered to bring their passions and visions to life in support of social impact and positive change for communities.

Nourish International equips students with the skills and experiences needed to become agents of social change. The experience of running businesses, selecting projects, partnering with communities, and assessing outcomes allows students to make a difference and grow into seasoned leaders in the process. In addition to having a local and global impact, Nourish students develop genuine friendships with peers who inspire and support them as they pursue social change for the rest of their lives.

“The lessons students are learning on Nourish Projects are things it took me years of professional experience to learn.” – Dennis Whittle, CEO of Global Giving

Since incorporating as a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2006, Nourish has grown into a national movement with 26 chapters on college campuses in the US and Canada and a National Office in Chapel Hill, NC. Since 2003, we’ve invested $690,000 and over 800 project interns in 113 projects all over the world. As a movement, we have placed 3rd in the Facebook Giving Challenge, received the North Carolina Peace Prize for excellence in cross-cultural solutions and sustainable development, and was featured at TEDxRaleigh, Ashoka U Exchange, and the United Nations.