2015-16 Annual Report Released

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We’ve released our Annual Report for the 2015-16 fiscal year!


Here’s a note from Executive Director, Melissa Beard:

Although I didn’t join the Nourish team until just after the end of the fiscal year, I’m proud of all that was accomplished.  

102 Project Interns + 8 Developing Countries +24 Partnerships + $119,000 Invested = Another FANTASTIC year!  

I’m awed and impressed by the work being done by our student chapter members and project interns.  These inspirational young people are becoming our new global citizens.

The Nourish team and I are in engaged in ongoing discussions about how we can make the chapter involvement, ventures, partnerships, and projects even more meaningful.  I plan to seek ways to deepen and strengthen our relationships, as well as to implement a more rigorous system of monitoring and evaluation.  These are the things that I’m looking forward to in the coming year and these are things that will help us share stories about Nourish’s impact.  

Continue to follow us this  year as we continue to grow and change!


Melissa Driver Beard

Executive Director

Click here to download as a PDF: 2015-16 Annual Report


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